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Contact Lens Exams
Louisville Kentucky Contact Lenses

Glasses aren't your thing? We've got you covered with comprehensive contact lens examinations! We take measurements of your cornea to evaluate the steepness and diameter in order to select the perfect contact to fit your eye shape.  We then evaluate the fit and vision with our biomicroscope to ensure that the lens is fitting and moving appropriately. A poor contact lens fit/selection can cause discomfort, redness and even risk of infection. We fit a variety of contact lenses including toric, multifocal, and colored lenses. 

Specialty Contact Lenses

At Falls City Eye Care, we also offer specialty contact lenses to fit irregular corneas. These lenses, known as scleral contact lenses, are designed to increase vision for those with corneal ectasias such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, and post-refraction surgery issues. Vision is typically limited in glasses in these situations, warranting a medically necessary contact lens fit. These lenses can also be used in cases of high refractive error and severe dry eye.

Louisville Scleral Lenses
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